The Dutch in War Time is a series of nine books published by Mokeham Publishing in Canada.

The Dutch in Wartime: Survivors Remember’ is a series of books containing the wartime memories of Dutch immigrants to Canada and the USA, who survived Nazi occupation of the Netherlands from 1940 to 1945. Designed and written to be easily accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds, these books contain important stories about the devastating effects of war and occupation on a civilian population.

The stories have been collected into nine separate volumes, each covering a specific theme or subject. The first of these volumes, Invasion was published in June of 2011, followed by Under Nazi Rule, Witnessing the Holocaust, Resisting Nazi occupation, Tell your children about us, War in the Indies, Caught in the crossfire, The Hunger Winter and Liberation. All nine books can be ordered individually or in a complete set for a discount. You can order any individual book by clicking the links below.

  • Invasion – covers the five days in May 1940 when an unsuspecting Dutch nation was brutally overrun by invading Nazi troops.
  • Under Nazi Rule – is about the hardships and fears of living through war and occupation. Every normal task becomes an almost impossible, sometimes dangerous, chore.
  • Witnessing the Holocaust – sixteen writers tell us how Dutch Jews were dragged from their homes to be murdered in Nazi death camps. We read first-hand accounts of friends disappearing, of betrayal and its dreadful consequences and of the torment of life in Nazi concentration camps.
  • Resisting Nazi Occupation – we read how ordinary citizens risk their freedom and ultimately their lives opposing the brutal regime of the occupying forces.
  • Tell Your Children about us – covers the years of 1943 and 1944, when the struggle to simply survive had become raw and harsh. Food, fuel and clothing were in very short supply and Nazi oppression endangered every citizen’s life, every day.
  • War in the Indies – cover the occupation of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) by the Japanese and the wholesale incarceration of civilians of European and partial European descent in internment camps, where a cruel regime caused immense suffering and a high mortality rate.
  • Caught in the Crossfire – covers the experiences of civilians living in the area where Allied paratroopers landed during Operation Market Garden. The towns and villages in which they live have become the battlefield. They are bombed, shelled and shot at. But despite the danger and destruction, they welcome their liberators and help them where they can.
  • The Hunger Winter – contains memories of the devastating winter of 1944-45 when famine, intentionally brought about b the Nazi occupation forces, ravaged the Netherlands. 
  • Liberation – the ninth and last book in the series contains memories of the final months of the war and the liberation of the country. The Dutch are starving. As battles rage around them the desperately await relief from famine and tyranny.


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