Imported Foods

We specialize in imported foods from The Netherlands

Imported foods from The Netherlands is our specialty. We have been importing Dutch foods and confections since 1976

Imported Foods

While we offer many imported foods, Dutch foods is our area of expertise. Our founder, Neal Peters, begin importing Dutch favorites for the local population of Dutch immigrants in 1976. Later, as the business grew, so did the selection of imported foods and the ability to ship the products nationwide.

Dutch cuisine may be considered pretty simple but there are so many delicious products from Holland that are a part of our daily lives.  We have a customer in Missouri who writes to us that her husband has two Dutch rusks for breakfast everyday – one with pindakaas and the other with jam. Our most popcular items include Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles), soup mixes, honey cake, Dutch cheese, Licorice, cookies, speculaas, banket and don’t forget Stroopwafels. If you have never tried a stroopwafel, you simply must try one today! We offer several brands and size options including mini stroopwafels, single serve and 8 or 10 ct packages.

Other favorites include Indonesian specialities like Nasi Goreng and Ketjap Manis. If you are homesick for goodies from Holland – we have the cure!

We also stock some German specialties from brands like Hengstenberg, Feldkamp, Bechtle, Dr. Oetker, Bahlsen, Cavendish & Harvey, Dallmayr and more.

Other products include a few french items as well as English and Scottish shortbread.

While our selection of products span many product categories, you can find a good selection of imported foods by clicking the link here.

Imported Foods – Brands

Dutch Imported Food Brands: Conimex, Douwe Egberts, DeRuijter, Honig, Verkade, Droste, Peijnenberg, Duyvis, Barkhuis, Vander Meulen, Modderman, Hellema, Verweij, Daelmans, Nanning.

German Imported Food Brands: Hengstenberg, Feldkamp, Bechtle, Dr. Oetker, Bahlsen, Cavendish & Harvey, Dalmayr, Haribo, Maintail, Ritter, Storz

Other Imported Food Brands: Maille, Rendezvous, French Macaroons, House of Edinburgh, Mackays, Walkers, Hero

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