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Largest Selection of Dutch Cheese available

We cut and vacuum pack all cheese for our mail order customers.  From plain mild Gouda with red wax to Noord Hollander 4 year old Gouda.  See our web store for a complete list of Cheese from Holland.  Breakfast or lunch should always include Dutch cheese for your sandwich or rusk.  Dutch cheese is also a great snack and pairs well with wine or beer.


Going back to our Dutch roots, cheese from Holland is something we know a lot about. We have the largest selection of Dutch cheeses in the US. For the Dutch it is pretty normal to have cheese with your breakfast or lunch on a rusk or bread. We have many varieties including milk red Gouda, fragrant clove cheese, Leyden spiced (spiced with cumin), red pepper Gouda and aged Goudas from 1-3 years told. Theres a taste for every cheese connoisseur! We source from several suppliers including Beemster Cheese, Cheeseland, Old Amsterdam and Eru cheese spreads.


Most of our deli meats are pre-packaged with the exception of classics like Dried Beef, Cervelaat, and Westphalian Ham which can be sliced to order. We offer products from Usinger inclulding liverwust, bratwurst and summer sausage in several varieties, Landjager sausage and more.  From Stiglmeier Sausage we carry liverwurst, gelbwurst, german bologna and other items by special request. We also offer some Little Town products that are made right here in northern Michigan.

Deli & Fish

Dried beef dip, hame & onion dip and sweet chili dip are among the most popular dips that we make right here at the store. We also offer other varieties including spinach and creamy garlic. We stock Big O’s smoked whitefish spread and several of their other smoked salmon varieties. Pickled herring in various flavors and sizes are also available. We have also added Beef Croquettes and Bitterballen to our freezer section that also includes pig in the blankets.


Our number one selling bread is our Almond Currant Bread. Ours is locally made and a very popular traditional Dutch treat. The Great Bread Company of Allendale makes an incredible cinnamon swirl bread that is delivered fresh to our store every Thursday. In our freezer section, we also stock Cranes Pies, Greek to Go Spinach pies and cheese pies, french macaroons, danish Kringles from Wisconsin and Onion Crock soups in 8 varieties.

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