Are you celebrating a graduation and want a special treat that matches your school colors?  Well then M&M’s Colorworks is a great idea for color coordinated party favors or snack bowls.  We stock twenty one different colors and if those colors don’t work you we can special order just about any color you need.

M&M’s Colorworks is available by the pound for $10.99/lb or by the 5 pound bag for $49.99.  You can have great fun mixing colors from our dispenser pictured below.

M&M display

Here is a list of colors we stock:

Yellow                                         Gold                                           Orange                                        Red

Maroon                                       Pink                                           Dark Pink                                   Light Purple

Purple                                          Light Blue                                Blue                                             Dark Blue

Aqua Green                                Teal Green                               Green                                           Dark Green

White                                           Cream                                       Brown                                          Silver


And M&M’s aren’t your thing then you can also purchase Jelly Belly jelly beans by the pound too.  We offer over forty flavors or mixes of Jelly Belly.

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