What is the meaning of Gezellig?

It’s a feeling you just cannot translate.  The term encompasses the heart of Dutch culture.   Now it’s a mug you can give to your Dutch friends.  We have created a series of coffee mugs with Gezellig on them that will make anyone you give one to feel their Dutchness.

According to Wikipedia, “A perfect example of untranslatability is seen in the Dutch language through the word gezellig, which does not have an English equivalent.

Literally, it means cozy, quaint, or nice, but can also connote time spent with loved ones, seeing a friend after a long absence, or general togetherness.”

Gezellig is a word that can be used to describe so many things – a place, an event, a hot cup of coffee or tea on a cold day while wearing you favorite sweater.  We hear the word used more ways than we could possible list here.  What ever it means to you we hope you will enjoy using our mugs to capture the feeling everyday.

Just added a insulated mug that will keep you beverage warm or cold for hours.  Check them out at our web store.



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