Double Dutch Stroopwafels or Syrup Waffles have been produced by Schep’s Bakery since 1985. Now, after many years of introducing them to Canadian and American residents they are often referred to as “Waffle Cookies”. A Syrup waffle is a cookie baked by being pressed together using an iron, sliced through the middle while they are still steaming hot and filled with a special syrup filling. Using a closely guarded recipe brought over from Holland the bakers at Schep’s Bakeries produce a syrup waffle in the same manner as those who started making them in the early 1800’s. Still importing many of the specialty ingredients directly from Holland they strive to make the best possible stroopwafels and are delighted when visitors from Holland comment on the great taste of their waffle cookies. We here are Peters Gourmet Market are happy to be able to bring these wonderful Double Dutch Stroopwafels back in the U.S. for all you customers that love them and haven’t been able to purchase them.

A syrup waffle is a type of cookie, consisting of a waffle cut in half with a special sweet syrup in between. After baking the waffle is cut in half, and the syrup is smeared on, then the other half is pressed on top. Syrup waffles are usually 8.5 centimeters in size, but are available in different sizes.

“Stroopwafels” (Syrup Waffles) originate from Gouda (City in the Netherlands) where they were first made in 1784. Traditionally they were consumed at coffee and tea time. One of the best ways to enjoy your Waffle cookie is to warm it over your favorite hot beverage for a few minutes.  Once they warm up they make for a wonderful treat.

We missed these great cookies so much that we ate a entire packge within a hour the day they arrived fresh off the truck.  You can order your today.  Just click the link at the top of the page.

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