Dutch Chocolate Letters

Chocolate letters are a tradition dating back to around 1900. In Holland Sinterklaas is celebrated December 5th. As part of this celebration each person receives a chocolate letter – the first letter of their first name. The letters are placed in the children’s shoes as Sinterklaas makes his rounds checking on the children. Before 1900 the letters were made of bread and used for teaching with the reward of eating the letter once learned. There were and some bakeries still make them with almond paste – “Banket Letters”. For more information about the history of chocolate letters and Sinterklaas – check out stnicholascenter.org .

Peters Gourmet Market has been offering our customers chocolate letters since 1976 when Neal Peters purchased Van’s Dutch Store. We added up how many letters (approximately) we have sold since 1976 and it is over 1 million letters. We have always offered Droste until they stopped making them due to an ownership change. Fortunately that was only for one season and gladly we carry all 26 of the larger size Droste letters and all 26 letters in the smaller size from DeHeer. In Holland there are many kinds of shapes, sizes, types of chocolate and packaging available in chocolate letters. For export markets like the US or Canada, we need boxed letters with correct labeling which limits the variety we can offer.

Below is our chocolate letter order form for 2018. You can use this form to place your order or to organize your letter needs so that you don’t miss anyone. Please remember to include your address and contact information along with your form of payment when using this form.   Click on the form to open it in a new window and print it out. 

We have to place our order for letters by the end of April. The Chocolate Letters are produced in August and shipped in early September. Unlike our retail counterparts in Holland, our letters make a one way trip. In Holland the stores are allowed to return their leftover letters with a small fee and the manufacturers “re-purpose” the chocolate. Each year we adjust the quantities and each year it is a challenge to have the correct qualities of every letter (or ending up with too many extra!).

Chocolate letters are a fun gift – not only at Sinterklaas but also for Christmas, stocking stuffers, employee gifts, teacher gifts, business promotion. We will post on our web site and Facebook when the letters arrive. If you would like to order your letters click here (please note letters are only in stock from October thru December)

All the best!

PS: If you really enjoy Droste Chocolate but you can’t wait until the holidays to get your fix, may we suggest you try the Droste Chocolate Pastilles.  They are available all year round and come in several flavors.



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