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One of the largest selections of Dutch black licorice available!

We import directly from Holland.  Holland is the largest consumer of licorice per capita in the world and produces the largest selection of shapes, sizes, textures, and tastes.

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Often referred to as “drop” or Dropje – black licorice is a very popular in The Netherlands.

The best varieties are made with licorice root which is native to southern Europe.  The bark roots of the Glycyrrhiza glare plant are harvested in the fall, the roots are dried, ground, and boiled.  The pulp is then filtered, concentrated, and poured into molds called block licorice.  Candy manufacturers use this as their base to make licorice varieties. Originally licorice roots were chewed because of their typical sweet anise like flavor and because of the medical effects.

Salty varieties contain ammonium chloride which offsets the very sweet nature of the licorice extract. Some “dropjes” are great for a sore throat.  They are made in just about every shape imaginable – flat diamonds, to animal shapes, cars, trucks, buttons, coins, squares, triangles, balls, pellets, cubes, sticks, fish, bee hives and logs.  Texture – very soft, soft, firm, hard.


Klene, Venco, Red Band, Van Vliet, Toms Heksehyl, Gustafs, Panda, Wybert, Potters, Katja, Meenk, and Van Melle.

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