The Dutch in Wartime

The Dutch in War Time is a series of nine books published by Mokeham Publishing in Canada. The Dutch in Wartime: Survivors Remember’ is a series of books containing the wartime memories of Dutch immigrants to Canada and the USA, who survived Nazi occupation of the...

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Blue Skies Orange Wings

Blue Skies Orange Wings - The Global Reach of Dutch Aviation in War and Peace, 1914-1945 Through a wealth of photographs and color illustrations and an informed narrative, Blue Skies, Orange Wings documents the surprisingly strong role of Dutch aircraft, airmen,...

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Double Dutch Stroopwafels

Double Dutch Stroopwafels or Syrup Waffles have been produced by Schep's Bakery since 1985. Now, after many years of introducing them to Canadian and American residents they are often referred to as "Waffle Cookies". A Syrup waffle is a cookie baked by being pressed...

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Root Beer

Do you like Root Beer?  We sure do and we have lots of choices for you to try.  We stock over 30 different brands such as: A&W - Abita  - Bawals - Berghof - Boylan - Bulldog - Brownie - Bundaberg - Cherry Republic - Cicero - Crown Valley - Dad's - Dang - Deadworld...

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Gouda Cheese

All of the staff at Peters Gourmet Market love Gouda Cheese.  Cheese is one of our top selling product both in the store and to our many mail-order customers. For those of you that weren't raised on Dutch cheese like Gouda we would give you some historical information...

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Captain Rodney’s Glaze

Captain Rodney's Glaze is so good that you will want to put it in every dish you make.  The famous glaze that is revolutionizing the entertaining and tailgating scene as part of Captain Rodney's Cheese Bake. The original pepper glaze was the result of a happy accident...

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Stroopwafels have been a Dutch delight since a baker in Gouda invented them by using scraps of breadcrumbs and holding them together with syrup in the early 1800's.  Over time the idea was improved by the 19th century there were more than 100 Stroopwafel bakeries in...

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Time for Tea Talk

  At Peters Gourmet Market we make time for tea! We can provide you with over 60 bulk, loose leaf tea combinations, and additional products from more than 8 different suppliers of tea sachets and tea bags. We have the tea you need! We carry four of the five varieties...

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October 19, 2015 We sell a lot of candy. To be more specific than just candy - licorice, peppermints, hard candy, chocolate, and taffy. For those of you who know our store (Peters Gourmet Market) you can form your own impression and my guess Licorice would be your...

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Chocolate Letters

Dutch Chocolate Letters Chocolate letters are a tradition dating back to around 1900. In Holland Sinterklaas is celebrated December 5th. As part of this celebration each person receives a chocolate letter - the first letter of their first name. The letters are placed...

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